The Team

Crowd Genie: Making borrowing faster, cheaper, and simpler, compared to traditional financial institutions

Crowd Genie is a platform where we match Small and Medium size companies who are looking to borrow funds with investors who are looking for better returns than what they get from the banks.

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Key Team Members

Experienced entrepreneurs. Smart investors.

Akshay Mehra
CEO, Co-Founder
  • 15+ years experience in new growth advisory, seed investing, operationalizing a startup, and business building
  • Certified Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) by Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Innovation consultant at Innosight Consulting
  • Seed investor at Anchanto Pte. Ltd. leading e-commerce fulfillment provider
  • CEO of a retail startup in India, featured in “Lean Startup” by Eric Ries
  • Brand Management at Procter & Gamble
  • Masters in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management
Bikash Saha
Director, Co-Founder
  • Retail Banker with 20+ years of leadership experience
  • COO of Standard Chartered Capital, Korea
  • Regional Head of Product & Planning and Head Credit Policy & Portfolio Risk for Thailand
  • Expertise in risk management, process management, strategy & implementation
  • Experienced in managing lending to retail and business client segments
  • Master in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management
  • Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology
Shailesh Venkatraman
  • Experienced capital markets and banking professional with 18 years experience with Citigroup in a variety of roles throughout the Asia Pacific region
  • Most recently (2014-2016) Head of Local Corporate Banking team in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and prior to that (2006-2014) as a Debt Markets specialist based in HK and SG helping corporate clients across the ASEAN region in fund raising activities
  • Executed over 125+ fund raising transactions in the debt markets in the past decade alone
  • MOE administered SIA/NOL scholar / B.Eng (Hons) degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Ashish Saksena
  • Managing Director at a global investment bank
  • 18 years of experience as a trader and managing trading businesses
  • Mentor, Startup bootcamp Fintech
  • Experience spanning Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange markets across Asia-Pacific
  • Deep understanding of market, operational and regulatory risks as they apply to financial businesses
Chandan Joshi
  • Partner, Ernst and Young advising global and local corporates in driving growth and efficiencies
  • Previously, Partner at Oliver Wyman Consulting
  • Partner, Boston Consulting Group, worked with challengers and startups, especially in the digital space, business model design and growth strategy
  • Brand Management at Procter and Gamble
  • On-the-ground experience in 30 countries worldwide covering Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, North and South America

What makes us different

To support a vibrant and growing community of small and medium-sized enterprises we aim to provide simple, lower cost lending, with greater flexibility, and lower costs.
We are trying to change the way lending takes place in the following ways:
  • Flexible: Personal guarantors are not always needed
  • Cheaper: Our top grade borrowers can get rates competitive with those that banks offer
  • Faster: The entire process from listing to getting money can be done in less than 45 days


Small and Medium sized companies

Small and Medium sized companies are the backbone of any economy, by some estimates they contribute to more than 80% of the employment in a country. These are the little-known companies that grow the nation.


However, these companies face big obstacles in borrowing cash to run and grow their businesses, such as:

  • Banks do not want to lend to them as they these companies do not have the perfect credit history
  • Credit approval process takes too long, and is not transparent


People looking to get better financial returns

We believe that investors seek more control, and want to achieve better financial returns.


Currently, investors get only a very low interest rate on their deposits from banks, but the banks charge a lot more from 
the borrowers.

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